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Eva Abramian is an Armenian-American actress and singer. She moved to Southern California at the age of six and has grown up in sunny LA. She spent her childhood singing and performing in front of her family with an obvious passion. She later realized this was God’s gift to her in life and she had to follow it.

Her decision to actively pursue her dreams led her to The American Musical and Dramatic Academy where she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Musical Theatre and Performing Arts. She is now a proud member of the Actors Co-op theatre company in Hollywood. Currently, Eva is working as a voice-over artist for international films, soap operas, and cartoons. Off the stage or set, you can find Eva scrambling to her next audition, while trying to avoid possum attacks, car accidents, and retelling of any jokes.




Current Projects 


Around the World in 80 Days

“Eva Abramian brings a tickling wryness to Indian widow Aouda, her diminutive stature against Kreyche’s lankiness its own rewarding sight gag”
-Los Angeles Times


“Actors Co-op members Abramian and Ladd do memorable work as well, she as a supremely lovely Aouda and (among several cameos) a cute-as-a-button Newsies-ready male ragamuffin.”
-Stage Scene LA


The Mystery of Edwin Drood

“Eva Abramian on a different note brings a very important aspect to the musical… her voice. An unbelievably technical yet organic singer, Abramian hits the high and low notes with finesse. Delivering hauntingly beautiful singing, while also playing such a lovable character, Eva is a true treat.”
-Neon Tommy of USC Annenberg


“They don’t come any more appetizingly pizzazzy and panache-y than the gorgeous-voiced Abramian…”
– Stage Scene LA







“Constantinople” is the latest world premiere by Vista Players, a “boundlessly talented” ensemble which “set the standard by which others were judged.” This fast-paced, 90-minute play by Elly Award-winning playwright Aram Kouyoumdjian unfolds during the aftermath of World War I and focuses on the city’s Armenian minority in the post-Genocide era, at a time of political intrigue, military struggle, and a growing feminist movement.

This is the setting in which Vehanoush, the editor of a feminist journal, and Roupen, a guerrilla fighter, coordinate missions for the recovery of women and children abducted during the Genocide, as well as border crossings into Armenia to transport supplies and weaponry. Their idealism is tested, however, when the political situation around them takes a darker turn, Roupen’s missions become endangered, and Vehanoush’s core beliefs are challenged both by those who fund her clandestine activities and the “new girls” of the era who find her principles compromised.

Vista Players veterans Jade Hykush and Robert Walters are joined by Travis Laughlin, Eva Abramian, Jonathan Fishman, Kristin Mothersbaugh, and Luc Rosenthal in the powerhouse cast. “Constantinople” also features the creative talents of Alan Tollefson (Scenic Design), Henrik Mansourian (Lighting Design), and Allison Dillard (Costume Design), fresh off an Ovation Award win. Ara Dabandjian is the production’s original music composer.

There is NO LATE SEATING to this event, so kindly plan on an early arrival and allow time for parking.

(Graphic Design by Taline Abkarian. Photo by Armineh Hovanesian)


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